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Thread: Call Of Duty Mastery

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    Call Of Duty Mastery

    Residing Council Member: Vacant

    Hello hello hello!!!! Welcome to the Black Ops 4 Mastery. Currently we are offering challenges for King and Master Of Call Of Duty, and Mastery Of Weapon Classes. The requirements and rules are listed below. All challenges will be made in challenge thread following the challenge format that is listed below.

    If the King of Call Of Duty and/or Master Of Call Of Duty successfully defends their Prestigious positions 5 times they will be inducted into the Hall Of Fame and ask to step down. Once 30 days have passed the members will be allowed to compete again if they wish. This will allow other Masters the opportunity to move up.

    Code Of Conduct/Rules
    1. Respect each other.

    2. If competitors are trash talking please keep it classy.

    3. All challenges must be completed within a timely manner. If a response has not been made by the challenged Master within 24hrs then the residing council member will establish a time/date for the challenge.

    4. If for whatever reason a challenge is not complete the residing councill member will determine if the challenged Master keeps the title or not.

    5. Killcam must be disabled

    6. Any form of live streaming of a match is allowed if all parties involved mutually agree to the streaming of the match.

    7. Spawn killing is not allowed, ZERO TOLERANCE

    8. Tracker is not allowed

    9. Stim Shot is not allowed

    10. Specialist LB and RB specials are not allowed

    11. Scorestreaks are not allowed

    Challenge Format
    Who are you challenging:
    For what Title are you challenge for:
    Your Gamertag:
    Challenge Availability (Date/Time):

    Who are you challenging: RoG Community
    For what Title are you challenge for: Master Of SMGs
    Your Gamertag: RoG Vision RV
    Challenge Availability (Date/Time): Sunday @1pm EST

    King Of Call Of Duty and COD Master

    In order to become Master Of Call Of Duty you must successfully defend your Class Master position 3 times before you are eligible to challenge the current Master of Call Of Duty. If this position is left vacant a Class Master who has successfully defended their position 3 times may claim the title.

    Only the Master Of Call Of Duty is eligible to challenge or claim the King Of Call Of Duty. The match will have 3 matches and the player you wins 2/3 of the matches wins the title.

    King Of COD Set Up
    Match Timer: 10 minutes
    Killcam: Disabled
    Map: Firing Range
    Mode: FFA
    Rounds: 3

    King Of Call Of Duty

    Master of Call Of Duty

    Weapons Class Mastery
    In order to become a Class Master you must successfully defeat the current Master in a 1v1 or claim the Class if it's vacant

    !v1 Set Up
    Match Timer: 10 minutes
    Killcam: Disabled
    Map: Firing Range
    Killcam: Disable
    Mode: FFA

    Master Of Submachine Guns
    @RoG R3NZ

    Master Of Assault Rifles
    @RoG Native RV

    Master Of Light Machine Guns
    RoG Dread

    Master Of Tactical Rifles
    @RoG Native RV

    Master Sniper

    Master Of Side Arms
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