Welcome to the Competitive Gaming Section, here we offer a variety of opportunities for members to feed their competitive needs. At the moment we offer Mastery Of The Arts and Official Competitive Teams.

The Mastery Of The Arts section allows members to compete amongst each other the title of Master and/or King in For Honor and Call Of Duty. In Mastery Of The Arts you can earn these titles by competing in the different challenges and meeting different requirements. Each challenge may vary and some challenges might be harder than others but that's why we love to compete right?

Competitive Team section is operated and used by members of the community who compete in GameBattles/MLG, MILSIM, and etc. This particular section can only be seen by official team members, District Generals, and Revolutionist for security concerns. If anyone wishes to learn more information feel free to reach out.

While utilizing the Competitive Gaming section members are expected to follow the Honor Code and Code Of Conduct at all times. We understand things may get heated or relaxed while you are competing but try to remember that we are all represent Revolution Of Gaming.

If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to reach out.