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Thread: This Week In Gaming (10-19-2018)

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    This Week In Gaming (10-19-2018)

    Hey everyone! TGIF!

    Nothing too exciting happening this week in gaming news but what I do have will hopefully interest you!

    First up is this lovely story about some modders getting their homes raided by Rockstar for hacking GTA Online! As much as I hate cheaters, hackers, and modders, this is the funniest thing I have read this week! Next to one of the names of the people that was raided. #sfinktahraid

    Now for the bad news. Days Gone, the PS4 zombie survival game, has been delayed. Looks like it is trying to give Kingdom Hearts 3 a run for its money for time in development hell.

    Last but not least we have a new trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2! I have never played Red Dead Redemption but I decided to watch some videos of it and I think I might have to give the first one a play through!

    That is all I have for this week! Everyone have a good weekend!
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    Can't wait for RDR2, the first one definitely goes down as one of my favourite ever games, and definitely top 3 most immersive campaigns/gameplay experiences

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