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    Code of Conduct

    Table of Contents

    I. RoG
    • 1.1 About Revolution of Gaming
    • 1.2 Xbox LIVE Member Profile
    • 1.3 Meetings
    • 1.4 Withdrawal and Departure
    • 1.5 Community Relations
    • 1.6 Joining Revolution of Gaming and the Honor Code
    • 1.7 Brigade Transfers
    • 1.8 Poaching
    • 1.9 Company Regulations
    • 1.10 Chain of Command
    • 1.11 False Members
    • 1.12 Member Activity
    • 1.13 Split Rule – Section Generals
    • 1.14 Harassment/Bullying Policy
    • 1.15 Exchange in Capital or In-game Money Policy

    II. Discipline
    • 2.1 Types of Punishment

    III. Discord
    • 3.1 Discord Behavior and Regulations

    I. RoG

    1.1 About Revolution of Gaming
    Revolution of Gaming (RoG) was created in 2008 by two guys named Brendon (RoG Shadow RV) and Derrick (RoG Derrick RV). The idea behind the community was to build a large gaming community that was built by gamers and designed for gamers who have a passion for playing video games as a fun, social activity.
    RoG is built around a ranking structure fit for never ending growth and creating social experiences that inspire action. The rank structure offers the opportunity for members to stand up and lead a group of members. The leadership experiences gained in our rank structure can be put to use in real life situations and future jobs that a member may take on.

    Community Organization

    • Company – The Company is the smallest unit in RoG. Consists of 10-20 ranked members. A Company is ran by a Captain.
    • Brigade – A Brigade consists of 20-60 members, with 1-4 Companies. A Brigade is ran by a Commander.
    • Section – A Section has a maximum of four (4) Brigades. A Section is ran by a Section General.
    • District – A District has a maximum of four (4) Sections, unless authorized to handle more. A District is ran by a District General.

    1.2 Revolution of Gaming Xbox LIVE Member Profile
    Gamertag: Members of Revolution of Gaming are encouraged to change their Xbox LIVE Gamertag to represent the community. It is NOT required and will not deny any member the opportunity of a rank within the Rank Structure.
    Motto: We ask that members of Revolution of Gaming include in their Xbox LIVE motto the Brigade they are enlisted in and the rank they were given. For example (Arbm – Apex Brigade - Commander)
    Bio: In a member’s bio, while it is not required, we ask that you put the URL of the website to Revolution of Gaming somewhere inside it,
    Having the site URL in your bio can help you out with recruiting referrals as well. Any player on Xbox LIVE can look at your bio and see the URL, sign up on the website, and use your name as the referrer.

    1.3 Meetings
    Brigade meetings are important to keep communication and activity streaming within the community. Brigade meetings are mandatory for a Commander to host. Hosting meetings allow brigade members to catch up on recent events and discuss future events.
    Brigade and Company meetings will be scheduled and announced in advance.

    1.4 Withdrawal and Departure
    Member Departure
    A member ranked Commander or below is free to come and go from RoG without restrictions. Members must return as a Private in the Rank Structure.
    The cause of departure will determine whether or not the member is allowed to return.

    Leadership Departures
    A Section General, District General, or Revolutionist who retires is allowed to return as that rank at any time with the approval of fellow leadership. However, if one retires and joins/creates another clan/community they will not be allowed to return as that same rank. A leader who retired and joined/created another clan will return as a Private.

    1.5 Community Relations
    Members of Revolution of Gaming are not allowed to be involved in another gaming community’s rank structure while participating in the rank structure here in Revolution of Gaming. Members who choose to disobey this rule will be stripped of their rank, and removed from the community. A member may not be in two brigades at once.

    1.6 Joining RoG and the Honor Code
    All members are required to have a working headset and access to play the game on which the brigade is based.

    By joining RoG, you agree to our Honor Code. Violation of the Honor Code can result in receiving a temporary suspension, demotion, or ban from the community.

    Honor Code

    Our members agree to never harass, discriminate nor attack individuals with different ethnic backgrounds, race, age, gender, sexual orientation, or place of origin. Any references or personal attacks on individuals that are presented offensive or deemed inappropriate will not be tolerated.

    While serving as an active member of RoG, members of the community represent the community as a whole to both the public and fellow members. This means members should conduct themselves in a respectful manner when online which can include but is not limited to: refraining from using offensive emblems, clan tags, banners, mottos, etc.

    Members of our community are also prohibited from cheating in clan matches or while playing with clan members. Any acts such as modding, bridging, standbying, team killing, or manipulation of cheating in online ranked matches can result in the removal and possible ban from the community. Modded controllers such as the ones from SCUF or similar are allowed.

    1.7 Brigade Transfers
    A member wishing to transfer Brigades is allowed to do so once every three months. Brigade transfers are not to be discussed publicly. To request a transfer, the member must contact the Commander of their brigade. The Brigade Transfer must be approved by all Brigade Commanders and Section Generals.
    If a member wishes to transfer Brigades more than once per three months, the member must have a valid reason and it must be approved by the Brigade Commanders, Section Generals, and District General(s).
    Members are prohibited from avoiding a transfer in any way (i.e. leaving a brigade and posting a new application, joining two brigades, etc.)

    1.8 Poaching
    Poaching of any form is strictly prohibited Poaching is a form of “stealing” or “recruiting” a member to join their Brigade/Clan/Community from another Brigade/Clan/Community. If a member of the website is found poaching, he/she will be subject to a permanent ban from the community.
    A member that hosts a sign-up sheet for the creation of a new brigade does not fall subject to poaching as members are signing up at free will. However, if a member directly asks another member from an existing brigade to join the new one, poaching is subject.

    1.9 Brigade Regulations
    Brigade Leadership members cannot create excessive rules, excessive roles, or cruel and unusual punishments in their Brigade policies.
    All Brigade policies must be approved by the District General. Any Brigade policy seen as a violation will be investigated and the required action(s) will be taken to make sure that Brigade policies meet guidelines.

    1.10 Chain of Command
    It is essential that members know and practice the Chain of Command in order to ensure the smooth operations of the community. You should always be aware of the rank structure and who your immediate superiors are in order to know who you should be reporting to, seeking help from, and receiving orders from.

    It is also pertinent to understand that because RoG does have a rank structure, varying amounts of authority come with each rank. Members should be aware of who has the authority to do what, as well as an understanding that directives from leadership should be taken as such and are not optional if you wish to remain a member of our rank structure.

    1.11 False Members
    No member can make false, multiple or inactive accounts to act or pretend to be someone else to fill the Brigade list in any way, shape, or form. If a user cannot register on their own for any reason at all, then this user will not be recruited into Revolution of Gaming.
    If caught making false accounts for any reason, you risk demotion and or removal from the community.

    1.12 Member Activity
    Any ranked member (Private or higher) that exceeds inactivity of 7 days, should be contacted by a member of brigade leadership (Lieutenant+) warning them of imminent removal. Once a ranked member (Private or higher) exceeds inactivity of 14 days, the member should be removed from the Brigade.

    Any member who has been given the title of Gamer that exceeds inactivity of 21 days should be contacted by a member of brigade leadership (Lieutenant+) warning them of imminent removal. Once a Gamer exceeds inactivity of 30 days, the member should be removed from the Brigade.

    Members are allowed to be on Leave of Absence for a maximum of 30 days. If a longer time is required the member must get permission from their Section General and District General.

    Members of the rank of Commander, LTC, and Captain are allowed to be on Leave of Absence for a maximum of 14 days in a 30 day period. If a longer time is required the member must get permission from their Section General and District General.

    1.13 Split Rule – Section Generals
    If a Commander splits their brigade, they will become eligible for promotion to the rank of Section General, however, the splitting of a brigade does not guarantee a Commander’s promotion to Section General. This rule may be waived by a majority vote of Revolutionists to allow a Commander to become a Section General without splitting their brigade.

    1.14 Harassment/Bullying Policy
    All types of harassment and bullying are strictly prohibited. If there is clear evidence of either act, the suspected member can be subject to a permanent ban pending an investigation by Upper Leadership. If there is plausible evidence of a member of leadership being involved, they will be suspended until investigations are finished. If there is no further evidence found, then the member is welcomed back into the community. If a member has repeated plausible evidence charges against them, they will be subject to being banned from the community. If any member knowingly hides or ignores any harassment or bullying, they will be subject to the same consequence as the member committing the act. Upper Leadership reserves the right to determine with proof if the suspect is innocent or guilty, and if guilty, will try to communicate with any leaders of new communities the suspect may try to join. Legal actions and consequences may be pursued in situations where it is applicable.

    1.15 Exchange of Capital or In-game Money Policy
    Any post dealing with the exchange or collection of money needs to be approved by a member of Upper Leadership. If the post is not approved and exchange or collection does occur, members of Upper Leadership are not liable for any transactions that follow. If the post is approved, all records of transactions should be sent to a member of Upper Leadership. Leadership will do their best to make sure transactions are complete, but remember all exchanges are at the member’s own risk. If a member is caught stealing or extorting money without completing their transactions, they will be banned permanently from the community. Leadership will try its best to fully refund any money that was stolen or extorted on an approved post.

    II. Discipline

    2.1 Types of Punishment
    Any member who disobeys or violates one or more regulations will be subject to one of the following consequences:

    Probation – This is a warning with no substantive changes to your posting abilities. You will get a Private Message from the moderator or administrator that put you on Probation detailing why you are receiving a warning so you know not to make the same mistake again.

    Suspension – These place temporary limitations to a forum members abilities to post and last anywhere from 3 days to a month in length. You will receive a Private Message from a member of Upper Leadership explaining why you have been suspended and how long the suspension will last.

    Ban – A ban is a removal from the community. Bans may expire after a certain period of time or may be permanent. You will receive a Private Message from a member of Upper Leadership explaining why you have been banned and for how long the ban will last. If your account has been banned and you attempt to avoid the ban by creating another account, that account will also be banned and your ban length will be increased. Repeated ban evasion attempts will result in an IP ban. In order to be unbanned, it requires a majority vote from Upper Leadership. Revolutionists hold the ability to veto this with a majority Revolutionist vote.

    Blacklist – The Blacklist is reserved for permanent bans which resulted from serious offenses. You will receive a Private Message from a member of Upper Leadership explaining why you have been banned and added to the Blacklist. Members who are added to the Blacklist are permanently prohibited from joining or participating in our community under any circumstances while Blacklisted. In order to be removed from the Blacklist, it requires a unanimous vote from Upper Leadership.

    III. Discord

    3.1 Discord Server Behavior Regulations
    All Rules and Regulations of the website carry over to the Discord server. Do not use the Discord server for personal ventures. Leadership has the right to ban or kick any member from the server who is breaking the rules. If you invite a guest to the server, you are responsible for educating the guest on all of our Rules and Regulations.

    All members are expected to be aware of our code of conduct.
    Ignorance of the code of conduct excuses no one.

    New revisions or any restructure in the rules may be changed at our discretion at ANY and ALL times.
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