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Thread: Recruiter of the Month!

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    Recruiter of the Month!

    Hello Revolutioners!

    I'd like to announce a new title coming to Revolution of Gaming, Recruiter of the Month! Now, how can this prestigious title be obtained?

    Similar to Member of the Month, each month we will have a member who earns the title of Recruiter of the Month. At the end of each month, I will check the referral system to see which member has earned the most referrals for that month.

    The member who earns the most referrals will be awarded the title of Recruiter of the Month, and will hold that title until the next Recruiter of the Month is awarded. The Recruiter of the Month will also be featured on the sidebar of the website below the Member of the Month, given the Recruiter of the Month award, added to the Recruiter of the Month Hall of Fame, and also be given a Recruiter Interview.

    The Recruiter Interview will ask the winner things such as how long they have been in RoG, what methods they use to recruit new members, and also what suggestions they have for other members of the community hoping to improve their recruiting efforts.

    Recruiter of the Year will be awarded to the member who has the most referrals for a given calendar year. Winning Recruiter of the Month is not a requirement for being eligible to win Recruiter of the Year, as members could work steadily all year but not have the highest referrals for a single month, etc.

    Being on the Recruitment Team is not a requirement for winning recruiter of the Month, but I would definitely suggest checking out the team if you enjoy Recruiting! Already on the Recruitment Team? Show us your skills and get those referrals!

    Who will be awarded the first title of Recruiter of the Month and win the month of November? Work hard and get those referrals and claim it for yourself! Use this Halloween to come up with scary good tactics on getting those recruits before November starts the first contest! Come up with a method that you think would be helpful to others? Share it in our Recruiting for RoG Tips and Tricks forum.

    Good Luck and Stay Frosty,

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    If I win this y'all are never gonna live it down

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    Id be proud if you just got one recruit Season

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoG Arbm RV View Post
    Id be proud if you just got one recruit Season
    Hey you want join clan

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    The first day of the Recruiter of the Month contest for November has started!! Go get those referrals!!

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    I'll also throw in my Leadership Award for the member who wins the first Recruiter of the Month title! Good Luck everyone, and remember to have your recruits list you as their referrer! If they forget, just send me a message and I can add it for you.

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