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    LFG Member List

    Since we recently launched RoG 3.0 and havenít had a lot of time to meet everyone and get everyone added, I wanted to create a Member List so we can work on adding one another. That way when you see someone post a Looking for Group post, you can go ahead and invite them and not have to worry about tracking down their username for that platform, adding them, etc. It also allows for you to quickly glance over your online list and get a going party on the spot and make a post while you look for more!

    Hereís a basic template for information to include in your post, but feel free to add more fields as needed

    Xbox Live Gamertag:
    PSN ID:
    Times typically available:
    Best way to contact:
    Games primarily played:
    Additional Information:

    Hereís mine to get us started (Iíve added some additional fields for myself, feel free to do the same!)

    Xbox Live Gamertag: RoG Arbm RV
    Epic Games Account: RoG Arbm RV
    Summoner Name for League: Arbm
    Timezone: EST
    Times typically available: Typically after 9pm on weekdays, weekends highly vary
    Best way to contact: On the RoG Discord, the site, or Xbox (I have discord notifications on my phone, so Iíll usually see that first.)
    Games primarily played: Battlefield 1 (will be getting 5,) BO4, Fortnite, League of Legends, but Iím up for playing anything. Sometimes you may catch me on Assassinís Creed or something like that but donít be afraid to invite me to your party and we can chat or Iíll switch over to your game
    Additional Information:
    Even if you donít see me online at the time or itís not in my usual available time feel free to message me and see if I can get on. I may just be at the house watching a movie or something passing the time and can possibly get on!
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    LFG Member List

    Xbox Live Gamertag: RoG Season RV
    League of Legends: Season
    Timezone: GMT-5/EST
    Times typically available: Evenings and weekends
    Best way to contact: Site or ingame message.
    Games primarily played: League, BF1, BO4, Forza Horizon 4, Peggle. Will be adding BFV shortly.
    Additional Information: I appear offline since all the invites get overwhelming when I appear on, don't want people to feel ignored. I'll join parties or shoot invites to people I see online when I'm gaming though. Add me and I'll add you back.

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    Member Sloppy Storms's Avatar
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    Oct 10 2018
    Okeechobee, Florida
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    LFG Member List

    Xbox Live Gamertag: Sloppy Storms
    PSN ID: RoG_Storms
    Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
    Times typically available: Basically all day currently
    Best way to contact: Xbox or on the site
    Games primarily played: Black Ops 4, Fortnite, and Red Dead Redemption 2
    Additional Information: I'm usually in a party with other RoG members so go ahead and join or send me a message for an invite. Everyone is welcome in our parties!

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    Member RoG Insomnia's Avatar

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    Oct 10 2018
    Philadelphia, MS
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    Xbox Live Gamertag: RoG Insomnia
    Timezone: CST
    Times typically available: anytime during the weekend
    Best way to contact: Through messages on Xbox
    Games primarily played: CoD BO4, Battlefield 1, and For Honor
    Additional Information: whenever someone wants to play and you see me online, just invite me to a party and the game

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    Community Relations CastingCouch RV's Avatar
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    Oct 04 2018
    North Carolina
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    Xbox Live Gamertag: CastingCouch RV

    Timezone: Eastern

    Times typically available: Weekdays after 6PM give or take and weekends I'll typically get on earlier than that

    Best way to contact: Best way is through Discord since I get notifications but feel free to message through the site or Xbox since I look at those often.

    Games primarily played: Any Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Dark Souls 3, GTA V, Red Dead 2, and lastly Fortnite.

    Additional Information: I can always switch games so feel free to message or invite me, or I appeared offline at some point and forgot to change it back.

    ^Creds to RoG Season RV^

    ^Creds to RoG Seraph^

    Community Ambassador | Brigade Revolutionist | Battlefield Connoisseur

    CoC | Revolutionist Roles | BFV Stats

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    Xbox Live Gamertag: RoG Seraph
    PSN ID: PSVahn
    Timezone: Central
    Times typically available: All day as of right now
    Best way to contact: XBox or Discord
    Games primarily played: League of Legend, Fortnite, Battlefield, Runescape

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    Nov 05 2018
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    Xbox Live Gamertag: Dowe11son
    Timezone: GMT
    Times typically available: Evenings from 6pm and most weekends.
    Best way to contact: Discord or Xbox
    Games primarily played: Black ops 4, Fifa, Rainbow Six Siege and I will be getting Battlefield 5
    Additional Information Everyone feel free to add me and invite me to a party if their online :-)

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    Senior Member RoG Dread's Avatar

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    Oct 26 2018
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    Xbox Live Gamertag:Waysidedread578
    PSN ID: OnYxUniverse-
    Timezone:Central Standard
    Times typically available: Whenever im not talking to my girlfriend xD and weekdays are usually from 6 to 8 and weekends are a hit or miss
    Best way to contact: @ing on discord
    Games primarily played: Fortnite, World of Warcraft, Battlefield One, Minecraft.
    Additional Information: I'm very busy so won't be able to play as often unless on breaks. Pretty easy to get along with and when i get the chance i play for hours xD. Thinking of starting a World of Warcraft guild if there is enough people willing to play! If you need help just @ me on discord or contact me on the site.

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    Master Of Ceremony RoG Native RV's Avatar

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    Oct 04 2018
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    Xbox Live Gamertag: RoG Native RV
    PSN ID:
    Timezone: No Limit
    Times typically available: EU members I'm in Germany so anytime after 6pm is fine, stateside people I rarely sleep so I'm on around 8pm or 9pm EST.
    Best way to contact: On xbox
    Games primarily played: Black Ops 4, Red Dead 2, and For Honor
    Additional Information: Im constantly on FT with someone so its like a 50/50 chance that I'll be consistently on the mic. I play with assholes typically so if you get offended easily you have been prewarned lol

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    Senior Member RoG OverDose's Avatar

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    Oct 09 2018
    Elkmont, AL
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    Xbox Live Gamertag: RoG OverDpse
    Timezone: Central Time Zone
    Times typically available: Any Time.
    Best way to contact: Discord (Using @RoG OverDose)
    Games primarily played: Battlefield Four, One, Five.

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