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Thread: Become A VIP!

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    Become A VIP!

    Hello Revolutioners,

    Interested in becoming one of RoG's exclusive VIP members and supporting RoG at the same time? You can now visit the Become A VIP! tab at the top of the forum to view the VIP subscription plans.

    Our current subscription plans are:
    -1 Month: $5.00
    -3 Months: $15.00
    -6 Months: $30.00
    -1 Year: $55.00
    -Lifetime: $100.00

    By purchasing VIP, you will unlock:
    - The VIP Member usergroup color for your site username and Discord role
    - The VIP Member User Rank to be added below your Avatar on the site
    - Exclusive access to the VIP Lounge forums on the website and the VIP Lounge Discord channel
    - Eligible for the VIP award from our Awards list
    - Eligible to have a custom user title on the website
    - Doubled Private Message inbox size on the website
    - Ability to close/open your own threads on the website

    Let me know if you have any questions about becoming a VIP member!

    Stay Frosty and Buy VIP,

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    I’ll take that anyway.
    VIP Tag, Here I come!

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    You already know what it is

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    if i can im gonna throw in some money

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    Was a VIP ON 2.0 why not make it 3.0 also

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