Hi guys,

Been off for a while and this the first post back in a while, hope everyone is all good and had a great thanksgiving (we don't have thanksgiving here in the UK, but I am 100% thankful for what I have! The people around me and most importantly my dog, he's my rock! And had a rough time grieving so would like to let y'all know I'm back.)

I have just started the odd stream on twitch and YouTube and just trying to find the best platform for myself. I have got some standard overlays that Streamlabs OBS provides but would love to have something custom. An RoG themed overlay to help try to promote our community a little further!

So I would need a webcam box designing, a linear header to fit to the top of the screen and maybe a few extra bits if your good with design. I'm currently not able to use Ps and I haven't got it cracked and trial has just ran out, anyone that has ps or similar programme, could you kindly do this, it doesn't need to be ultra fancy, just my gamertags on it somewhere with RoG logo etc.

This would be greatly appreciated if someone has the time to do this!

Also I'd like to request a logo for me that is cool and unique, I'd have to speak to someone about design spec, but again, I would really appreciate this!

Thankyou in advance to anyone that could have the possibility of helping me out. I would certainly owe you one that's for sure!

Happy gaming RoG!

Kind Regards