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Thread: Black Ops 4 Winter Season Try Outs

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    Black Ops 4 Winter Season Try Outs

    Whats up people, GB Winter Season is right around the corner. Currently we have a team establish and ready to compete in Global, EU, and NA Ladders. Also we will support dual teams if that is something members would like to participate in. At the moment we are only allowing community members only on the team but if we do not have the numbers to support the ladders those spots will be filled by non-community parties.

    Try outs will be held by RoG Native RV and RoG Insomnia most of the try outs will consist of a 1v1 or a 2v2. The purpose of try outs is to gauge your skills plain and simple; your rank, position, reputation, and relationships in the community is 100% irrelevant all that matters is your skill. If you'd like to try out you can message myself, RoG Insomnia, or post in this thread so we are tracking.
    Anyone that tries out must have a GB/MLG account fully registered before you are allowed to participate on the team.

    Try Out
    @PTM EchozZ
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