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Thread: Just something fun to do.

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    Just something fun to do.

    Howdy fellow graphics people, so a few years ago one of the graphics artists Zetta made a signature. Being the original people we were on the graphics team another member Theory copied it and posted it up as well. At the end of the day most of the active graphics members ended up making their own copy. So my challenge to you is to keep this little showcase of skill going. Do your best to make a signature like the one below for all to see.

    If you need some help I'm 99.99% sure the original was based on a tutorial on YouTube by HadesPixels. He also has some other tutorials to help you out with a variety of things. Remember this is a friendly little bragging thread so let's keep things above the belt and constructive. Also you can see my original entry here.

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    The one I did back in the day :

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