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Thread: Bethesda Responds to Support Glitch - News

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    Bethesda Responds to Support Glitch - News

    Bethesda Support Leaks Fallout 76 Customer Names, Addresses & Phone Numbers

    The crazy glitch that allowed Fallout 76 players to accidentally gain access to other players' personal information and support tickets. It was quite an astonishing technical error, even for Bethesda.

    Now the publisher has responded with a lengthy email sent out to the press yesterday afternoon. Here's the full statement:

    Quote Originally Posted by Bethesda
    As previously reported, on December 5, 2018, we experienced an error with our Customer Support website that resulted in the exposure of a limited number of customer support tickets. Upon discovery, we immediately took down the Customer Support website, remediated the error and restored the Customer Support website. We have conducted further investigation and analysis of this incident and would like to provide our Bethesda community with an update.

    From our investigation, we have learned that, on December 5, 2018, there was a brief period of time during which customers accessing our Customer Support website may have been able to view the customer support tickets submitted by other customers during this same time period. Based on our current investigation, we believe this exposure window lasted approximately 45 minutes.

    During this exposure window, fewer than 123 customer support tickets were submitted and may have been partially or fully viewed by others accessing the Customer Support website. Of those 123 tickets, it appears that no more than 65 customer support tickets contained personal data that may have been exposed.

    Upon review of the exposed customer support tickets, we have confirmed that no user account passwords or full credit card numbers were included. The personal data exposed within the customer support tickets included:

    • name, user name and contact information (e.g., email, address and phone number), if submitted by a customer as part of a customer support ticket.
    • proof of purchase information provided by a limited number of customers, related to game purchases from third party retailers.

    We are in the process of contacting customers who may have been impacted.

    We greatly value and appreciate our Bethesda community. Again, we sincerely apologize for this situation.
    At least at first blush, it's good to see that this problem was not as bad as earlier reported. Certainly it's good news for players that their passwords and credit card numbers were not exposed. The whole thing remains incredibly unsettling, however, and is another black eye for Bethesda when they could sure use a win.

    Quote Originally Posted by Erik Kain
    I knew Fallout 76 would run into trouble, I just didn't realize how much. Still, credit where it's due. At least Bethesda has come out with a full statement explaining the situation and is in the process of contacting customers affected by the error.
    Personally I would like to say that Bethesda has been my all time favorite company when it comes to 'Fallout' and 'Elder Scrolls' games, but I wonder. Since the release of Fallout 76. It has been just problem after problem.

    Is the Elder Scrolls going to have problem after problem? Is it going to be worth pre-ordering the game?
    We was expecting more from Bethesda. So what now? What will Bethesda do to get their reputation?

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    Is it going to be worth pre-ordering the game?
    Just my two cents but it's never really worth pre-ordering a game. If you must have that exclusive bling then so be it. At the very least make sure to follow early reviews to see if your getting what your supposed to get. If there aren't any that's a black flag as companies typically don't completely embargo a game unless they don't want something getting out before sales start coming in.

    As much as I love Bethesda's titles they are sliding down a slippery slope. If they don't manage to save the 76 disaster I hope for their sake the next title coming out is enough to save face.

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