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Battlefield V TTK Change List

Hi Battlefield V Community,

Recently we announced that Battlefield V's TTK (Time to Kill) values will be changing in order to faciliate a more even gameplay experience for all of our players, resulting in a more level playing field for new and experienced players alike.

It's widely accepted within the community that the current TTK values feel 'dialed in' or is 'perfect as is', and that the elements that need to change are those that impact TTD (Time to Death), such as netcode, health models, etc. It's important to note that both TTK and TTD are closely intertwined. Making one change to TTK directly impacts TTD, and vice versa. "But, why futz around with TTK when it's ideal at its current state?" Although not extremely vocal within our deeply engaged community, we see from our game data that the wider player base is dying too fast leading to faster churn - meaning players may be getting frustrated with dying too fast that they choose not to log back in and learn how to become more proficient at Battlefield V. Changing TTK values in addition to improving TTD elements will help these particular instances and hopefully result in better gameplay experiences for players of all skill levels.

So, enough banter, let's get into the thick of the changes that are going live on Wednesday, December 12th on all servers. Note that we have set up a new server playlist called “Conquest Core” that uses the original TTK values. This will be live tomorrow as well. This new playlist will evolve over time and is the first step toward a traditional Battlefield “Hardcore” experience.

Battlefield V TTK Change List
With the TTK changes, we are changing how much damage certain weapons deal to body parts. However, the damage of all weapons to the head remains unchanged and some weapons will not be affected by those changes or very little to limit balance inconsistencies.
In the table below, you can get an overview of what the body parts vs weapon damage multipliers will be when the TTK changes are active.
The value in (red, bold parenthesis) represents what this value was with the original TTK values.

How Many Bullets Will I Need To Kill Someone Now?
In practice, the maximum damage is now lower for most weapons. This means that it will take on average one more bullet to kill with the weapons that are affected.
The distances at which you will need more bullets to kill will also be affected. Like the table above, here is how it changes now with the original TTK equivalent in (bold parenthesis).

  • Semi Auto Rifles:
  • Gewehr 43, Selbstlader 1916: Drop to 4 Bullets To Kill around 39 m (never).
  • Turner SMLE: Drops to 4 BTK around 28 m (50 m), 5 BTK around 68 m (never).
  • Gewehr 1-5: Drops to 4 BTK around 13 m (30 m), 5 BTK around 44 m (50 m), 6 BTK around 63 m (never).
  • M1 Carbine: Drops to 5 BTK around 39 m (50 m), 6 BTK around 63 m (never).

  • Assault Rifles:
  • Can no longer 4 hit kill with body shots only.
  • Drop to 6 BTK around 21 m (50 m), 7 BTK around 53 m (never).

  • LMGs, MMGs:
  • Can no longer 4 hit kill with body shots only.
  • Drop to 6 BTK around 21 m (50 m), 7 BTK around 57 m (never).

  • SMGs:
  • Can no longer 4 hit kill with body shots only.
  • Drop to 6 BTK around 15 m (25 m), 7 BTK around 32 m (50 m), 8 BTK around 49 m (75 m), 9 BTK around 70 m (never).
  • MP34 does not drop to 9 BTK at range.

  • Self-Loading Rifles:
  • Will now require one extra shot when hitting the lower body, arms or legs unless the other shot is a headshot.

  • Buckshot Shotguns
  • Unchanged: Same damage.

  • Slug Shotguns:
  • Slightly adjusted: Will deal less damage when hitting lower body, arms or legs.

Please hop into Battlefield V once the TTK changes are live and spend time with the new values. Compare them with the 'Conquest Core' values of the 'old' TTK stats. We want to know what you think of the changes and if these are viable across all of our dedicated players within the community.

Battlefield V Letter to the Community

Hi Battlefield Community,

On behalf of the Battlefield team, I’d like to apologize for the silence over the past couple of days on the TTK topic. We’ve seen it’s been a big talking point and causing a divide in the community, which was never our intention. We have been listening closely to what you’ve all been saying.

Changes to the game carrying this kind of weight needs clearer, earlier communication before getting rolled out. We will improve how we roll out updates in the future and respond more quickly when you have questions or concerns.

So, why change TTK now? The intent came from us observing that new players are having a very hard time with the game compared to our core players, and we wanted to see if we could improve this over the holidays so more players can have a great time.

As many of our veteran players know, Battlefield games constantly evolve and change over time in our collaboration with the community. Battlefield V is no exception. We heard your feedback that many of you prefer the old TTK values, with one playlist featuring only Conquest using the “Core” settings clearly not being enough. To fix that, we will be adding a “Core” version of all playlists in the game next week, giving you a clearer choice between new and old settings. We’ll update you early next week on when the new playlist will be added.

We want to hear from you about the changes we’re making. We’d also like to thank all of you for the constructive discussions and feedback we’re seeing. Thank you.

- The Battlefield Team

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