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Thread: 12.17 BFV - - This Week in Battlefield & More - News

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    12.17 BFV - - This Week in Battlefield & More - News

    BFV - This Week in Battlefield & More - News

    Post from 12.17.2018
    Hello Battlefield Community,

    We’ve committed to giving you an update this week around Battlefield V’s TTK (Time To Kill) adjustments, as seen in last Friday’s letter to the community. After rolling out those changes last week, we’ve listened to your feedback, reviewed our statistical data, and have made the decision to return to the original TTK values seen at launch.
    Our intent with the TTK changes was to see if we could evolve the Battlefield V experience and make it more enjoyable for new players, whilst also making sure the Battlefield vets have a choice with a more “core” experience suiting their preferred play-style. Clearly we didn’t get it right. Veteran players didn’t ask for the change, but as game developers, we took it upon ourselves to make those changes based on extensive data and deliberation. It truthfully wasn’t an easy decision for us.

    It’s important to acknowledge that we have a challenge bringing new players into Battlefield V and onboard them to become more experienced Battlefield players. It’s been a challenge across our games for a long time, as many will know, and becomes even more important for us to improve upon our post-launch experience with consistent updates to the game through the Tides of War. Our desire to service a game that caters to old and new players will continue. How we get it right isn’t easy, nor will it be quick, and we appreciate when the community comes together and helps us on this journey.

    We have learned a lot over the past week. We’ve gained clarity on the issues you’ve shared with us around Time To Death (TTD), we’ve identified imbalances in weapons, and have recorded real-world data on how TTK changes our game and impactS our players. With that knowledge we have a better idea of how to improve the game going forward, and have already begun taking steps to improve the experience for all our players, new and veteran.

    Starting tomorrow, December 18th at 4am PT / 7am ET / 1p CET, we will revert the TTK changes to their original launch states, we will remove the “Conquest Core” playlist, and we will not introduce any new “Core” playlists as mentioned in last week’s letter. This will be a server-side update and does not require a client download. We’ll continue to identify how we can improve the Battlefield V experience and will have more information for you around those changes starting in the new year.
    Thank you for your feedback and patience. We’re excited to be on this journey with you.

    - The Battlefield Team
    Reported from Battlefield

    Post from 12.17.2018
    Battlefield Dev Says It's Been "A Challenge" For Years To Onboard New Players

    One of the reasons why DICE updated Battlefield V to make it easier for new players was specifically to help the game appeal to new players--this did not go so well. After a wave of criticism from veteran players, DICE announced that it is rolling back the time-to-kill changes to restore the values to their original state. The Swedish developer has now also acknowledged that it has been a struggle for years now to get people into Battlefield games.

    "It's important to acknowledge that we have a challenge bringing new players into Battlefield V and onboard them to become more experienced Battlefield players," DICE said in a Reddit post regarding the TTK changes. "It's been a challenge across our games for a long time, as many will know."

    DICE's overall ambition with Battlefield V is for it to appeal to new and veteran players alike, and the developer will continue to try to do this even after the TTK changes are undone. "How we get it right isn't easy, nor will it be quick, and we appreciate when the community comes together and helps us on this journey," DICE said.

    The Battlefield franchise is generally understood to be relatively more difficult for new players compared to the series main competitor, Call of Duty. Activision's franchise regularly outsells Battlefield. Back in 2013, EA management said it hoped Battlefield 4 would outsell that year's Call of Duty game, Ghosts. It did not.
    Reported from GameSpot

    Post from 12.17.2018
    Welcome to the December 17th edition of This Week in Battlefield V!

    Let’s first kick off the week with the biggest news… Battlefield V’s original TTK values are coming back as we revert the latest TTK changes, reduce the need for a “Conquest Core” playlist, and not moving forward with a new “Core” playlist, as detailed in the latest Letter to the Community.

    Outside of that, this week we finish up Chapter 1: Overture’s second in-game weekly mission as we pave way for the start of the Week 3 Mission that focuses on dealing mechanized damage by use of Vehicles and Classes. The third weekly mission will unlock the Selbstlader 1906 self-loading rifle, if all requirements are met.

    Unlock the Selbstlader 1906 self-loading rifle in this week’s in-game mission!

    As always, timing on these items can always shift, but we want to give you a glimpse into what we have planned so you can tune in as each beat goes live.

    The third in-game Weekly Mission during Chapter 1: Overture goes live on Thursday at 00:00 UTC!

    This Week in Battlefield V

    • Monday, December 17th

    • Last Chance – Chapter 1: Overture 2nd Weekly Mission: Squadplay & Reinforcements – You have until Thursday, December 20th at 00:00 UTC to complete the first weekly mission in order to unlock the Axis Ratburner Helmet.
    • LIVE NOW Article – This Week in Battlefield V – The rundown of various news beats in a concise communication roadmap. This is the article you’re reading now!
    • LIVE NOW Article – Battlefield V’s Known Issues List Update (Reddit & Forums) – As we track known issues internally and acknowledge major issues brought to our attention we’ll keep our Known Issues list updated frequently.

    • Tuesday, December 18th

    • Server Update – TTK Changes are Reverted – At 4am PT / 7am ET / 1pm CET, the TTK changes will be reverted back to their original launch state, the “Conquest Core” playlist will be removed, and the previously announced “Core” playlist will not be deployed.
    • Blog - Holiday Gift, A Special ‘Thank You’ from EA/DICE – Surprise! We’ve a special holiday gift for you. Stay tuned for the announcement coming up.
    • Blog – Visual Customization – A deeper look at Battlefield V’s visual customization system.
    • Blog – Chapter 1: Overture, Week 3 Tips – Learn about the upcoming third weekly mission that leads to the Selbstlader 1906 self-loading rifle unlock.

    • Wednesday, December 19th

    • AMAA – Reddit AMAA on Anything Battlefield V – Before we go on holiday break, we wanted to celebrate Battlefield V with the community and answer almost any outstanding question you may have for us.

    • Thursday, December 20th

    • Launch – Chapter 1: Overture, Week 3 Mission Goes Live – At 00:00 UTC, the week 3 mission goes live. Here’s the requirements to unlock the Selbstlader 1906 self-loading rifle:

    • First Leg

    • Fragile Structures: Deal 200 damage to vehicles.

    • Second Leg (complete one of the following)

    • AT Infantry: Deal 200 damage to vehicles using Assault equipment.
    • Air Superiority: Deal 500 damage in an airplane.
    • Bird Hunt: Deal 100 damage to airplanes.

    • Third Leg (complete the next progressive requirement based on Second Leg)

    • Trouble Ahead: Spot five enemy vehicles using Recon equipment.
    • Vehicular Dominance: Capture one objective in a vehicle.

    • Fourth Leg (complete the next progressive requirement based on Third Leg)

    • Frontier Maintenance: Repair 100 vehicle damage as Support.
    • Single Sight: Kill an enemy from at least 50 meters while in a vehicle.

    • Fifth Leg (interchangeable, your pick)

    • Perfect Placement: Damage a vehicle with an Anti-Tank Mine.
    • Armoured Might: As a squad, call in a Reinforcement vehicle.
    • (Optional) Road Rage: Get one road kill.

    • Final Leg

    • Mechanized Brawl: Destroy one tank.

    • Blog – Airlifts Are On Their Way – We apologize for the delay on this article as we prioritized TTK change reverts. We hope to detail on Thursday what Airlifts are, what to expect, how to get them, what’s in them, and how many you get.
    • Livestream – Battlefield Weekly Hosted from EA UK – Join the EA UK Community Team as they stream the latest and greatest from Battlefield V, live on

    • Friday, December 21st

    • Article – Battlefield V Weekly Debrief - Your one-stop destination for all the blogs, videos, and major news that happened in the week, with a comprehensive Q&A with our DICE developers using feedback collected from the Battlefield Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and Forums.

    Thank you for being a part of the Battlefield V community!
    Reported from Battlefield

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