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Thread: RoG Charity Drive Results!

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    RoG Charity Drive Results!

    Hey all,

    As I'm sure most of you are aware we've been working on a community charity drive for Save the Children for the last two weeks. In that time we've gathered contributions from members and they've been added up and given in one lump sum in the name of our community, Revolution of Gaming. Our initial goal was $350 which was our highest donated amount during previous RoG charity drives. I'm extremely happy to announce that we've not only met our goal, we've more than doubled it gathering a total of $751! I'm completely blown away by how much we were able to come together to donate. It shows that despite all the memes, banter, and what not we have some extremely wholesome members within our ranks!

    As part of the incentive to participate, everyone who has contributed anything to our charity drive will receive the "Making a Difference" award. In addition, our top three donors were to receive VIP on our site as an additional incentive. Originally, it was to be lifetime VIP for first, six months VIP for second, and three months for third place. Due to receiving more than double our initial goal, we'll be adjusting our prizes since we have some serious flexers in the top three. Top two will receive a lifetime VIP and additional one year of VIP all transferable to other members. Third will receive one year of VIP.

    Notable donations include as follows:
    @RoG R3NZ - $300, qualifies for Benefactor award.
    @RoG WeirdDude - $260, qualifies for Benefactor award.
    @CastingCouch RV - third most contributions.

    Those who won VIP prizes please contact me to discuss how you'd like to utilize them. They are all transferable and could make some nice event prizes, or you can keep them!

    I'd also like to note @RoG JinX SG ended one of his contributions with 23 cents so I ended up rounding that one up! Weird flex but OK.

    All in all, thank you to all who participated and made this possible! You're all awesome and I can't describe how happy I am to see us come together as a community.

    Happy Gaming,


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    Woot woot!!!
    ^ Big Shoutout to RoG Seraph ^

    January 2019 Member of the Month!

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    I've only got less than four hours left on my pass then I have to wait till the 22nd.
    Quote Originally Posted by Reaxtive View Post
    We haven't heard from Cody ever since

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    my master plan worked.

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    Great job guys! I couldn’t be prouder.

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